Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Your Husband

Finding the right gift for your husband on any anniversary can be challenging, but when it's a milestone year like your 20th, you may want to step it up a notch.

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts

Wedding day is the celebration of successful married life. For this special day, you can give a special gift for your partner to express your love and affection. You need to think about different ideas before deciding a gift for your husband. Wedding anniversaries are a memorable day in every couple’s life. It’s the day to relive your memories, strengthen the bond you share and commemorate the love that has grown between you. This makes for the perfect occasion to show your husband your love towards him with unique wedding anniversary gifts for husband.

Not to fear we’ve given you plenty of anniversary gift ideas that you can get having to break the bank. One great thing about first wedding anniversaries can there be are traditional gifts which are attached to each year of marriage. It is a tradition for many couples to give each other gifts made of paper on their own first year anniversary. Find some interesting anniversary gift ideas for your husband while you read ahead.

Photo & Art Work

If you are one of those romantic couples who love to celebrate every phase of your life together, then artwork anniversary gifts for your husband is a great option. How about having a customized map printed on a canvas with a huge red heart placed on the city where you fell in love with some personal quote written over it? Or you could
print a bunch of dates, phrases and cities that hold dear to you both on a canvas. This is sure to give him all the good feels whenever he looks at it.

Loving Music Album

If he has a liking for music, check for his favourite bands and music artists that have made it to platinum. Once again make a DIY basket and place all those albums in them, neatly keep it wrapped in the bedroom by his side of the bed, and watch how he showers you with love thereafter. This is another best anniversary gift for husband which is simple but hard to collect.


Most guys love their gadgets. It is one of those boyish traits that most of them still have and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, this makes your job very easy. There are literally innumerable gadgets on the market and most of them are aimed at men. From different tools and thingies they can actually use to the most pointless but cool gadgets, your husband will enjoy them all. They are all still boys at heart and gadgets make them happy.

Go Gourmet

What could be the best anniversary gift for husband than do something so sentimental about truly taking an ideal opportunity to welcome a dinner together. So whether your loved one acknowledges fine eating, an affectionately home-cooked supper, or an easygoing cookout under the stars, arrange a supper date deserving of the event.

Original Song

You are able to express your feelings for your husband by actually composing an appreciation song for him. You may either get it recorded from a professional musician or may take help of music websites to record it. You are able to play it for him like a surprise. The other option is to record all your husband’s favorite love songs with an audio player and gift it to him. You can also prepare a small video by adding photos and videos of the both of you with romantic songs playing in the background. This musical gift will certainly make your husband happy.

Photo Collage and Scrapbook

Giving your husband a special gift of some of your photographs together will be a great anniversary gift idea. Select pictures which were taken during your courtship days, on your wedding day, when your children were born, as well as on other special occasions in your life together. Give a caption to each photograph if you like. Together with the collage, gift him a scrapbook with messages for him, from close relatives and friends, and a special love message of your stuff!

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Gift an Experience

If your husband is definitely an adrenaline junkie, you could gift him an event. Go sky diving, hang gliding, paragliding or horseriding. Or take him on the fighter plane or helicopter tour. You can make it more romantic by doing each one of these activities together. You can also gift him stock car race or driving coupons. A derby or golf package constitutes a classy gift. If he’s interested in water activities, you could gift him coupons of scuba diving or snorkeling. Spa packages and food tours are other interesting gift ideas.

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