Personalized 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary is no small achievement and is traditionally celebrated with personalized 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

A wedding anniversary is a special day for any couple, but when their fiftieth anniversary is looming it calls for some pomp and splendour. If you are one half of a couple soon to be celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, the right gifts can sometimes be difficult to find. After all, fifty years of married life means that there is little that’s needed to make your life complete, so 50th anniversary gifts need to be meaningful.

50th wedding anniversaries should be well-celebrated. Traditionally for the 50th anniversary, men gave their wives a wreath or gold necklace. While the giving of a golden wreath is no longer widely practised today, gifts of gold are still exchanged between husband and wife to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Gifts of gold are also given to the couple to commemorate this milestone. A 50th wedding anniversary is a big milestone. wedding anniversary gifts for this occasion play with the concept of gold as the traditional 50th-anniversary present. Use your creativity to come up with a gift the happy couple will really enjoy.

50th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

50th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

Memory Book

This album spans 50 years of marriage, so all memories until this point can be recorded. It features beautiful watercolors and quotes, along with a space for a photo on each page on the left, as well as quotes and space to write special memories on the right-side pages. This is a wonderfully sentimental gift that is ideal for a 50th wedding anniversary.

Delightful Memories

If the anniversary is of your parents or someone close, you can make a video for them in which you record wishes and blessings of all those people who matter a lot to the couple. They can be friends, children, grandchildren, ex-colleagues, etc. Talk to everyone and have them record some beautiful messages for the lovely couple. They will be delighted to hear and see what wonderful things everyone has to say about them.


You can never go wrong with jewelry as an anniversary gift. If you want to stick with the traditional gold theme of a 50th wedding anniversary gift, look for pieces set in 10, 14, or 18 karat gold. For women, an anniversary band studded with diamonds is a nice surprise. A bracelet, ring, or high-quality watch makes a great gift for men.

Photo gifts

Celebrate a very special couple with the gift of memories. Whether you have a large canvas printed with a wedding photo of them or you purchase a beautiful framed wedding poem that has a slot for a special photo, these gifts allow a couple to celebrate many years of marriage and reminisce about the past. You can also take the time to make a photo album or scrapbook highlighting the special moments all throughout the years.

50th wedding anniversary gifts

50th wedding anniversary gifts

Consider going on a trip

Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary in an exotic location by planning a trip for you and your spouse. You can go anywhere the two of you can just kick back and relax, whether it’s on a white sand beach or in a cozy cabin on a mountaintop. If you’re a guest of a 50th wedding anniversary, consider pooling your money with other friends, relatives, and guests to surprise the happy couple with a trip for the two of them to have fun together. To keep up with the gold theme of a 50th anniversary, wrap the tickets and itinerary in a box with a shiny gold bow.

Golden Accessories

A must to be included in this list are accessories made of gold. As gold is traditionally associated with 50th wedding anniversary, gifts such as gold-plated cuff links and bracelets for men and pendants and rings for women are always appreciated.

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