Last Minute Gifts for Men this Christmas 2014

Though the tradition of gift giving forms a very important part of Christmas, there are many people who forget to buy gifts unless at the last minute.

Christmas is literally around the corner and if you’re starting to feel that panic of realizing you left one of the men in your life off your Christmas list, here are some amazing last minute (and fairly inexpensive) gifts the men in your life will love. There are many Christmas gifts that you could present your man. But for that, you should know what he really wants. For example, if your partner doesn’t use pen frequently, then gifting an expensive pen is really a waste of money and opportunity. So, you need to pick up a Christmas gift for the man which is worth and suits his needs as well. Here are some bright ideas for last-minute Christmas shopping for gifts.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas:


If your man loves music and keeps wearing headset for calls too, then you can present a pair of special effect headphones or headset.


Maintaining your season in mind, you can either gift a scarf to your man or simply purchase a cardigan or jacket to fight winter chills. Keep his favourite colour and choices in your mind.

Favourite Cookie

If you know the favourite cookie that the man loves, then you can prepare it the last minute. Christmas gifts such as these are best for men who are foodie and miss their mom’s made Christmas cookies.


Like women, men too love benefiting from undergarments. A nice and sexy underwear in good colours will be a turn on for him! If possible, you can also buy undies which have a unique note.

iPhone Gramaphone

This is not a traditional docking speaker. The Gramaphone doesn’t use electricity or batteries to experience music from a device. Like the old-school phonographs, it uses physics to amplify the sound by three to four times its normal volume. The base is made of walnut and the horn is made of iron and brass. There’s also a version made for the iPad.

A New Game

A lot of men love playing video games. So if he is bored of playing the same games, you are able to gift him a new game. This last-minute Christmas gift idea will certainly impress him.

Handmade Coupon Book

Who wouldn’t desire a gift certificate for a massage, breakfast in bed or an entire evening pre-paid and planned? Create a coupon book that is redeemable for any selection of activities your boyfriend will love. Whether you go to the extremes of coupons redeemable for romantic weekend getaways or a coupon to do his laundry, your guy will have fun cashing in each coupon.

Shaving Gifts

Shaving Gifts

Amazon Gift Cards

Tired of trying to guess the right color or size for a Christmas gift? Don’t have time to wait for a gift to be shipped from across the country? Consider a gift card delivered via email, which takes the stress out of holiday shopping. The gift codes never expire, and they are redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at Amazon Gift Cards.

Calvin Klein Two Tone Seed Stitch Muffler

As men’s clothing staples go, the headband is up there, so you can trust that any guy will welcome yet another to his collection. Calvin Klein is renowned for its classic take on trends that quantity to timeless pieces much like this one.


Books are for forever. It never receives a stale option for gifting and when the person whom you are gifting is really a sucker for good books, nothing will be a good gift for him/her than the usual gift of good books. Just become familiar with the liking of the person and visit a bookshop. However, ensure that the books you buy haven’t recently been read by the person.

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