How to Come Up With 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Some people start to feel quite old starting with their 50th birthday, although during our times age isn’t a reason why not to have fun anymore.

50th birthday gifts for men is a landmark and the birthday gifts you receive have to be worthy of the occasion. There’s something about reaching this age which makes people appreciate the finer things in life, so a course in golf might seem ideal. A fishing trip can also be fun if the recipient is fairly active. Some other thoughtful gifts include a gourmet dining experience or a rejuvenating experience at the spa & saloon. Celebrating a golden jubilee calls for a lot of foresight, that’s why we are here, to make sure the celebrations are truly golden.

How to Come Up With 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

How to Come Up With 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Picture Collage

A picture collage displaying a man’s life over the past 30 years can serve as a gift and entertaining piece of art for guests. The collage will need to be about seven or eight feet wide featuring photos of the birthday guy’s life from birth to age 30. The collage can be displayed on a wall at the party for easy visibility. The pictures should be 5-by-7 inches or larger.

Funny movie

How about a DVD (or even more) with funny movies for those who enjoy a good film or are true cinema lovers? Of course, there are lots of movies out there which explore age from the dramatic perspective, a sad or a philosophical one, such as Kurosawa’s To Live, Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries, Michael Haneke’s Amour and so on. The subject of getting old, however, is not only a matter of analyzing one’s past, feeling sad or contemplating the concept of the afterlife.

The personalized T-Shirt

Funny T-Shirts with dedicated messages aren’t something new with regards to birthday gifts and when somebody turns 50, they can make an awesome present. You are able to choose whatever message you want, one that will focus on the receiver’s personality (something similar to “Fifty and Fabulous” or “It took me 50 years to look so good”goes great for individuals who don’t believe they’re getting old), or something like that that emphasizes the “getting old” status – inside a funny way, of course – like “In dog years, I ought to be dead”. The purpose of those T-Shirts is both practical and entertaining so you can browse the Internet for more ideas and retailers.

Funny books

When the person you want to celebrate is really a book lover, then you should not have many problems or obstacles when locating the perfect gift. Yes, books are incredible gifts for just about any age and reading passionate, but when you want not only to make the party special and give your friend or family member the chance to have some laughs and another good title within the library, you can offer suitable books, for example Michael Flocker’s The Hedonism Handbook – The Lost Arts of Leisure and Pleasure, or, when the gift receiver has indeed a powerful sense of humor, listed once four crazy self help books for equally crazy old people.

Photo Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to display memories of your 50-year-old’s life. To make a scrapbook, first find an album at your local discount retailer or craft store, you might even be able to find a scrapbook themed specifically for the 50th birthday. Next, ask friends, family and other loved ones to give you photos and other mementos that can be included in the scrapbook.


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