Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

These are just some of the things you can do to make your husband’s birthday a special day for him.

Homemade gifts can be more personal and sentimental than store-bought gifts. If you’re thinking about making your husband a gift for his birthday, consider his personality and his likes and dislikes as well as your skill level. Remember that on your husband’s birthday, it’s all about him, so give him very personal gifts and focus on his interests, needs and wants.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband


If you can sew, consider making clothing or embroidering something. Many husband would love some nightwear like a soft robe, pajamas or warm slippers. You could even make him some soft or silky boxer shorts to wear. If you like to embroider, purchase some fluffy cotton towels in his favorite color and embroider his name on them so that he knows they’re just for him.


Instead of a traditional scrapbook, consider a picture or memory book. You can use his favorite pictures of you two with captions that state why you appreciate him. If your husband loves to cook, you could compile a cookbook with recipes for all of his favorite foods. Take your time gathering recipes and consider foods that he can cook inside on the stove or in the oven and foods that he can make on the grill. Consider having the book bound so that it will be sturdy and professional looking.

Romantic Getaways

Whether his birthday falls on the weekend or he’s taking off for the day, skip town and plan an inexpensive mini-vacation for the both of you. Head to a nearby beach and stroll the boardwalk hand and hand. Dip your feet in the ocean and watch the sunset as you share a kiss. Or, go to a local campsite or cabin and tuck away in the woods. Cuddle up under the night sky to watch the twinkling stars. Alternatively, stay in town and see what your city has to offer. Explore downtown, visit a museum, catch a Broadway show and retire for the evening in a place away from home. Order room service to bring his birthday dessert and a bottle of champagne.

Clothing and Linens

Clothing and Linens

Gadgets Gifting

Though wives are disturbed by their husbands’ craze for gadgets, but at the same time they know that gadgets will the nicest gifts for their husbands. You might look for a hi-fi gadget (smartphones/iPads/iPods) that your hubby might not own and gift him, or else you can tell the mobile delivery boy to present him at your doorstep and he’ll be damn startled. Gifting his favorite video games is another present from your side which he can’t resist.

Other Ideas

Some of the best birthday gifts are the ones that can’t be wrapped. If your husband loves to eat, make him a nice meal with his most favorite foods. Consider making “coupons” for him, good anytime, for something he really wants. Ideas include a back massage, doing the chore he hates the most one night, or going to the big game with him.

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