First Wedding Night Gift for Your Husband

Your husband at the end of your first wedding Night with a special gift from you to him.

Your wedding night is very special in many ways. Not only you get more closer to your partner, but also indulge in ways to make the night special and comfortable. In almost all the cultures of the world, the newly wed couples present wedding night gifts to each other. Men do not have much problem in picking up a wedding night gift for their gorgeous newly wedded wife. There are many gift ideas for women. From picking up jewellery to lingerie, men have a wide variety of options. Women,meanwhile, have to think a lot as gifting ideas to men are limited. Wallets, perfumes, cuff links, rings, shirts and sunglasses are the most common gifts that can be presented to a man.

first wedding night gift for your husband

first wedding night gift for your husband

Unique & Romantic Wedding Night Gifts for Husband

Honeymoon Experiences

If you have already planned your honeymoon trip, then you can make it more special by adding some more fun into it by gifting some additional honeymoon experience that
he would love. You can purchase tickets or book an attraction that your husband would really enjoy your honeymoon or some scuba diving lessons, spa and massage packs for both of you and some other activities he enjoys doing. It would surely make him feel special and he would get to know how well you understand him and care for him.

Boudoir Photos

Schedule an appointment with a professional photographer who offers boudoir photos, which are nearly nude, or fully nude, artistic pictures. Take your bridal lingerie or his favourite lingerie. Look through your photographer’s portfolio or browse boudoir photos online to get an idea of what you want and what you’re comfortable with. Give your husband a private little collections of you at your best for an intimate wedding night gift. Let him unwrap you after he unwraps the photos.


Accessories include cologne, sunglasses, ashtrays and drink sets. Men love their trinkets just as much as women do, and virtually anything in this category can be personalized with engravings or gemstones. Scented products can be a gift for both of you. Choose sunglasses from a movie or TV show your man likes. An embellished ashtray can be a good gift even of your man doesn’t smoke. Drink sets can consist of glasses, wine buckets and corkscrews and can suit any taste from wine to whiskey.

Spa and massage voucher

Marriage is not a simple affair! You go through hell before the day, on the day and after the wedding day. So, by gifting him or yourself as well, a complete spa and massage therapy, you can revive your energies again and help each other enjoy the bliss of marriage.

Romantic gift basket for your husband

Romantic gift basket for your husband

Mens Jewelry

Though not all men like jewelry, here you can find some exotic light jewelry for men that you husband will definitely love. Choose from an exquisite variety of cufflinks, rings, pendants, and bracelets with stones and custom designs. Your husband can easily adorn these as formal wear or on casual occasions. With the unique gift for husband, we make sure that you have something beautiful and romantic for your beloved.

A Style Hamper

If you’re not too fond of your husband’s present wardrobe (or the lack of it) try gifting him a great style hamper, put together with your sense of style and let him decide if he likes it. Include a pair of cool shades, a great smelling perfume, a sexy belt and maybe even a great satchel for him to carry around. If your husband likes to experiment, you could even try putting in a stylish hat and a pair of bold socks and shoelaces for a detailed box.

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