Creative First Birthday Gift Ideas for Babies

First birthdays are very special, so of course you’re going to need a special birthdays gift for babies.

Are you looking for interesting and attractive first birthday gifts for babies? Well we bring to a sorted guide on the top first birthday gift ideas for babies in India. The article features a range of unique gifts for kids celebrating their first birthday. Find out about these personalized favors for little kids that can add a beautiful smile to their face.

The first year baby’s birthday gifts ought to be special too as they should be the memoirs of their first year apart from being useful to the baby’s daily chores. The markets and the gift shops are overflowed with the innumerable choices and it becomes very difficult to select one among the many birthday gift items which could be both useful and unforgettable ones.

first birthday gift ideas for babies

first birthday gift ideas for babies

Personalized First Birthday Book

Avery loves books. She could sit at her bookshelf and flip through every single one of her books if we had enough time. Books are such a great gift because they last for years and years. I love this personalized book for baby’s first birthday gift. A great way to remember this big milestone.

Rocking Toys

Rocking toys build a child’s sense of balance. And they also soothe him when he becomes very jumpy. When choosing a rocking toy, do remember that for a child this
young, the best designs are those that are low to the ground. This lessens the chances of injury if he loses his grip. So if you choose a rocking horse, don’t get a huge one. And if you are buying a motorcycle then get one where their feet reach the ground. It will allow them to push to gain momentum (they can’t pedal at this age). Another option is a tricycle with a push bar for the parent.

A fancy pillow

Considering that a one year old responds to vibrant colours, a fancy colourful pillow can be a nice gift. You can get your baby’s face imprinted on the pillow. Babies love something to cuddle with and what’s better than a small soft pillow just for him/ her.

Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

Mom will surely appreciate this gift more than baby! But this keepsake of photos from throughout baby’s first year is a great way to mark the special occasion of baby’s first birthday. The colorful animals on this one make it a fun addition to baby’s nursery.

Musical Instruments

The babies love to make noise with whatever they have at hand. Just by shaking it or banging it against a surface. So go get him a musical toy instead. But do check and re-check so that it is absolutely age appropriate. Sharp edges can cause injury and very tiny pieces can cause choking hazards. So get a musical kit that’s made especially for kids so small.

first birthday gift for babies

first birthday gift for babies


There is a vivacious variety of toys which can be shopped for babies. Kids love to play with toys and Indian markets are loaded with some of the most exciting toys which can bring a smile to their face. You can present an entertaining and attractive piece of toy to the toddlers who are turning one year old and make their birthday more special by gifting them unique toys. You can even go for gender specific toys.

Baby Clothing

This is the time when you might show your excitement to be able to move in “bigger kid” looks or you might want to milk the baby time for all it is worth and stock up on adorable rompers and footies while you can! Either way, they grow so fast during this time it is a good idea to request a variety of sizes from 12-24 months.

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