Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated in special manner and if you are creative then you can certainly rock your boyfriend.

Birthdays are special celebrations as people revel in their age rolling fiesta not with a sad curve on their face but with a cue smile on their faces. So make your boyfriend’s birthday more special with amazing or creative birthday gifts for boyfriend. Choice of gifts may vary from one individual to another. You should buy a birthday gift that suits the occasion and one that your boyfriend will never forget for the rest of his life. You can buy your boyfriend a DVD, picture frames, video games or hand crafted gifts and many more items for this special occasion. You can as well send some gifts through mail if your boyfriend is far away. There are different ideas for celebrating birthdays but here we will discuss the cheap birthday gifts for your boyfriend.

Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Your personal album

This may require a lot of time and some digging up of the past. What you have to do is make a rough chart of all the memorable dates that you have been to together, starting right from the day you met. Buy an album and instead of just adorning it with pictures, insert a map of the place where you had met for the first time and highlight the spot. Write something lovely about the time that you had spent there.

Special Meal

You can go to the kitchen and prepare a meal for you both. A special cake with decorations suited for the occasion will surely make him happy. You can as well buy a special cake from a store if you are not good at preparing one. Sharing an edible and delicious meal with your boyfriend on his birthday is worth and a moment that can not be easily forgotten.


Get a scrapbook and fill it up with the photos of your loved ones. Use those photos which remind them of precious memories. Give a special touch to your gift by recording your warm thoughts about the person who is going to get the gift. It will indeed bring smiles making their birthday a special one.

A romantic getaway

If you have reached that level of intimacy in your relationship where you can actually live together for a few days with each other then, venturing on a romantic getaway can be a perfect birthday present. If you both don’t have time to take a proper vacation then, you can plan a weekend getaway to a quiet and romantic place. Spend time with each other and just bask in the glory of love.

A bundle of magazines

If you are looking for cheap birthday presents for your friend or colleague, well then a bundle of her favorite magazines is exactly what you can look for. You can choose magazines according to subjects of his/her area of interest like sports, fashion, or politics. Along with these magazines, you can present a bunch of key chains or tickets to some recently released popular movie.

Arts and craft items

Kids and teenagers will love getting arts and crafts items as birthday gifts. You can choose coloring books having a set of crayons and activity books which help kids indulge in exciting activities! You will find websites which offer free coloring pages or printables. Simply take printouts of such pages, tie them with a colorful ribbon, and place them in a decorative box. It will make an excellent gift for kids’ birthday!
For teenagers, you can select a painting kit including paints, paint brushes, drawing pencils, pastels, a sketchbook, along with other artist’s tools.

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