Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Under $20

Christmas is a very precious moment for everybody. For this year 2014, it is a challenging task to present good Christmas gifts for men, yet for little money under $20.

Christmas gifts for the men in your life this holiday season, Christmas gift costs can add up quickly, but we have a few ideas on how to stay within your holiday budget without looking like a total Scrooge.We scoured a wide variety of stores to find the men’s Christmas gifts that cost $20 or less. Sure, $20 isn’t a lot of money, but spent wisely or creatively, it can bring holiday cheer to a dad, boyfriend, brother or husband. You might be amazed at how much bang you can get for just a few bucks, from must-read books to tech accessories to stylish gear to games.

Fantastic Christmas gifts for men

Fantastic Christmas gifts for men

Moleskine Notebooks

There are many different styles of Moleskine notebooks; I like the ones that you can fit in your pocket but are big enough to take notes in at your desk. If your guy has a hard time remembering to-do lists or has great ideas but never a napkin handy to write them down on, then pick him up a couple of Moleskines. They’re fun, hip gifts for under $20.s


Men who enjoy dressing casually will probably appreciate a piece of casual clothing like a Christmas gift. If it is sports the man in your life enjoys, consider buying him a T-shirt with his favorite sports team’s logo onto it. Even official baseball hats with team logos can be bought for less than $20. Either way, a sports themed gift will certainly be a huge hit on Christmas Day. Since it is getting colder once we move into the winter season fleece, clothes are the popular choice to keep you warm. Why don’t you go for the quarter zip pullover which may be worn for all occasions – casual, following a work out or just to where around the house.

LDS General Conference CDs

Most mission cars have a CD player. Your missionary may use travel time listening to the inspirational words in our prophets and apostles while they travel around. DVDs are available too, which might be a good resource for teaching investigators as well.

Sewing kit

Know someone setting up home the very first time? Chances are they don’t have a sewing kit. Look for a sewing basket, cookie tin or any other creative container at a thrift shop and grow it with the sewing essentials of thread, needles, pins, etc. Keep to the basics and this gift can come in under $20.

Tie Tacs and Pins

Let’s face it, Elders are pretty limited within the extent of their wardrobe. So a tie tac or tie pin is a superb way to introduce some variety and personality. There are several really unique tie tacs and pins provided with appropriate messages for missionaries. Deseret Online Bookstore provides a large assortment.

Flex Grip Work Gloves

Flex Grip Work Gloves

Smart Digital Alarm Clock

Need a backup to your smartphone alarm clock? This all-in-one smart alarm clock will never fail you as it does not only have a loud alarm, a snooze button, night light function, day and date, but also gauges the surrounding temperature. It comes in a variety of colourful cheery colours.

Flex Grip Work Gloves

These Flex Grip work gloves are created to be very lightweight, and thin, so he can get the job done without losing his grip, and without hurting his hands. Many work gloves are thick and cumbersome and may hinder the job at hand, so it’s nice to possess something that doesn’t get in the way.

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