7 Wonderful Birthday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Wife

Selection will save you some time and and give you the best ideas what a good birthday gift for pregnant wife.

Pregnancy is one of the most cherished phases in a woman’s life. In this phase, a woman goes through a lot of changes physically and emotionally. She not only deserves a lot of pampering, but also should be extremely happy throughout these nine months. One of the best ways to pamper her and make her happy at the same time, is to birthday gift her something really unique and special. Want a tip? Gift her all of these, one by one, throughout the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is stressful on a woman’s body, which is why pregnant women are deserving of birthday gifts pretty much every day of their pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a congratulatory gift, or something “just because”, the list is packed with thoughtful, unique, and surprising birthday gifts that will delight the important pregnant woman in your life. Read on to get some great maternity gift ideas, or check out the guide to the best push presents to get birthday gift ideas for a mom that has just given birth.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Wife

Birthday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy body products

My absolute favourite body products during and after pregnancy were products by Perfect Potion. My personal favourites were their New Bloom Pregnancy Body Oil (RRP $19.95) and the New Bloom Pregnancy Body Cream ($39.95). Both help to keep skin soft, smooth and supple as it stretches throughout pregnancy. It feels and smells
amazing and is made of all natural ingredients.

Sleeping Pillow

Females during pregnancy suffers from many problems. Improper sleeping is one of such major problem which almost every pregnant woman faces during pregnancy period. To make her feel comfortable during sleep at nigh, you must pick a good night’s sleeping pillow which are available in different online as well as offline shops. Sleeping pillow is not always cheap in price but the relaxation offered by such pillow to a pregnant woman is always more perspective than the money spent on pillows.

Spa and Massage Vouchers

One of the most common things pregnant women complain about are the aches around their body. Be it back aches, leg aches, or neck aches, let her relieve them at a spa and massage by giving her some spa and massage gift vouchers. There are special packages for pregnant women, which are less intense and more appropriate. Let her enjoy herself at a spa and relieve the soreness of her muscles.

Pregnancy Music Belt

The Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Music Belt is fast becoming a Best selling product for Moms to be who want to play music to their unborn child and is without doubt a gift that the pregnant lady in your life will love to bits. Just pop your iPod or other MP3 player into the specially created pocket, plug in and give the baby a chance to swoon to Mozart or some other relaxing music of your choice. This music belt is superior in quality and comfort and the technology within it also ensures that the music is played at optimal fetal sound levels.

Birthday Gift for Pregnant Wife

Birthday Gift for Pregnant Wife

Belly Casting Kit

This is a kit she can use to make a cast of her pregnant belly. She can paint it after and it is a wonderful keepsake. You must also be willing to help her do it for this to be one of the best birthday gifts for pregnant wife.

Pregnancy Apparel

The changes in a women’s wardrobe during pregnancy, and after pregnancy are nothing short of miraculous. Another great option would be to gift her pregnancy apparel that accommodate the bulge in her belly, and are more comfortable to wear. If you are a male, then let your wife, or someone that has been through pregnancy choose the clothes, lest you buy something that she cannot wear.

Pregnancy Gift Box

A gift basket is always a thoughtful birthday gift, and this all-natural collection of products is designed to support a woman’s needs during pregnancy. This gift box includes two natural face serums, an unscented body butter, mini soothing vanilla body powder, two lip balms (Minty Cocoa and Earl Grey), skin salve, and a special pre-natal tea that includes lemon balm, raspberry, alfalfa, spearmint, rosehips, and other natural ingredients. When she needs a little pampering after a hard day, she can reach for this all-natural kit and give herself a little boost.

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